The Comfort of Heaven

Hi, this is the website for the book “The Comfort of Heaven” and I’m the author, Ed Reese.  I hope you will feel free to comment or ask questions about the book here.  I am open to all comments/question – good, bad or indifferent.  My hope and prayer is that this book helps so many people there will be a second printing, and when there is I will use the insights I gain from you on this site to make changes and/or additions to the new edition.

Unfortunately, I don’t have this site set up for you to order the book here yet.  I hope to have that done soon.  But please, please, leave some kind of comment or question here once you finish the book.   I once heard it said that you can learn from anybody in life – and that’s my philosophy about this site.  Even if you have serious theological issues or other problems with the content of the book, let me know so I can learn from you for the (hopefully) next edition.