First Blog

Hey, this is my first blog after starting this site for my book.  I wanted to mention a couple things.  I grew up going to a Presbyterian church.  In high school I attended this chuch plus a Methodist and a Baptist church.  I am now a former youth pastor and senior pastor.  I have served on staff in the following denominations:

Youth Pastor

Evangelical Free Church of America

Conservative Baptist Church

Senior (solo) Pastor 

Southern Baptist Church

Associate Part-time pastor

Conservative Baptist Church

On another note, I have already learned, since submitting my text for publication, a couple new illustrations that I wish I could’ve shared in the book which are a comfort to me as far as death, dying and heaven.  In future blogs I will share those illustrations with you.  I am constantly learning, as I minister to the dying and their families, new perspectives and new thoughts about death, dying and heaven.   I hope to share those with you, if you are interested, on this blog.  I have never blogged before and have no idea how often I will post.

The story of how this book came to be written is one of God’s sovereignty, one I hope to share sometime in the future.

Writing this book has been a great blessing to me, as I hope it is to you too.



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